The Catman

The Catman’s artistic language lies somewhere between action painting and pop art; with a trademark combination of lines and texts, his work is available in both small and very large formats.

The words he writes set the rhythm for his paintings, brimming with colour and contrast, thus creating a universal language.“Creativity is my religión”. 

  • New artworks

    The Catman’s new collection of paintings are customizable in many formats and colors. They allow you to have a custom artwork for your decoration projects

  • Large formats

    Neither figurative, more abstract, brimming with colours, designs and texts, these large format paintings by The catman are recognised for their high decorative value. De 100 x 100 to 250 x 250 cm.

  • Rectangular / Polyptych

    The Catman’s narrative paintings create very decorative rectangular pictures. Polyptychs or on a single canvas.

  • Small formats

    Paintings by The Catman on canvas also exist in small formats and inspire us to dream.

  • Art Objects

    The art object made in Barcelona for all over the planet.

    Small hand-painted pictures on cardboard glued on wood. Each piece is signed by “The Catman” and numbered in series of 300 copies ready to be hung. They are all wrapped in their personalised box.

  • Drawings

    Posters are POP Collection is the hand painted posters collection by The Catman. Each artwork is hand painted by the Catman in unique pieces or in limited serie of 300 signed and numbered. Color is part of the message or the strong message in black on white is the visual design.