Ici et Là represents contemporary painters living in Barcelona: The Catman, K. Fabrizzi, J. Cerdá, V. Linares, Fortuny, M. Koot...
Their paintings are original works, hand-painted by each artist and available in one-off piece or in limited series of similar pieces, each signed and numbered. 
The works can be painted in other formats and/or dimensions

  • The Catman

    The Catman’s artistic language lies somewhere between action painting and pop art; with a trademark combination of lines and texts, his work is available in both small and very large formats.

    The words he writes set the rhythm for his paintings, brimming with colour and contrast, thus creating a universal language.“Creativity is my religión”. 

  • K. Fabrizzi

    “I have always found nature to be fascinating: animal behaviour, the shape that flowers and plants adopt and the way we, human beings, are part of that process; the subtle measure of ambiguity which blurs the line between the ordinary and the extraordinary”.

  • V. Linares

    V. Linares uses a colourful and emotional language to describe everything that interests her. Forests and these small mysterious animals called “guspirus” that inhabit her paintings are the perfect excuse to show, partially hidden by the simplicity of the forms, emotional states and the range of human relations. 

  • I. Fortuny

    As an artist, Fortuny’ dream is creating abstract artworks that engage art lovers and transport them to good sensations while provoking nice feelings right to the soul. Her aim is to wake up feelings, positive thoughts. Her artwork is also harmonic and decorative.

  • M. Koot

    Marike Koot was born in the Netherlands but lives in the Corbières in the south of France, in the middle of beautiful and wild nature. Her paintings reflect her taste for colors, impressionist painting and the observation of her environment

  • I. Bou

    Irène Bou was born in 1982 in Caracas (Venezuela) and now lives in Barcelona. The main theme of her work revolves around the relationships, tensions and confluences that are established between the intimate space (understood this in its maximum expression) and the exterior or public one

  • J. Cerdá

    Hailing from Barcelona, Josep Cerdá is a multidisciplinary artist. He reveals his world through 1001 techniques: Concrete wall decoration, or Painting with paper collage and Indian ink...

  • Mainman

    In his luminous and very colorful paintings, the painter Mainman, born in Barcelona, expresses his fascination for nature, its beauty and vulnerability and the reasons why the human being damages it recurrently. The artist creates his artworks using acrylics, oils, lacquers, enamels on canvas, paper, glass and methacrylate.

  • Azulaska

    The painter Azulaska is inspired by the unique landscapes of Alaska from her childhood and the blue skied desert of New Mexico where she lived to create a collection of paintings on canvas in vibrant colours

  • G. Rigau de Llobet

    Gemma Rigau de Llobet is a painter from Barcelona. Currently she combines illustration and painting, with a style always colorful, spontaneous, vital and full of movement. Her very decorative and cheerful artworks are full of colors and shapes. Her work is both intense and profound.

  • V. Hariga

    V. Hariga is a belgian graphic designer and illustrator. Traveling in the world with her sketching book, these everyday life moments become subject to screenprinting artworks, creating unique pages of her travelbook...

  • S. del Baño

    Susana del Baño is an illustrator and pattern designer living in the South of France. For Ici et Là, she creates a collection of colourful and funny small artworks

  • F. Rainone

    A CIELO ABIERTO this artistic proposal is inspired by the architectural perspectives of Barcelona. Chromatic scenes that derive from the optic generated through the multicultural and colorful brewing that occurs in the streets. It's a works that intends to invite the spectator towards different reflective atmospheres, relieving the daily chaos" F. Rainone