K. Fabrizzi

“I have always found nature to be fascinating: animal behaviour, the shape that flowers and plants adopt and the way we, human beings, are part of that process; the subtle measure of ambiguity which blurs the line between the ordinary and the extraordinary”.

  • Flowers & Tropical

    Flowers, bouquets and natural beauty in a collection of decorative paintings bursting with life and colours.

  • Seabed

    Painter K. Fabrizzi paints underwater landscapes on canvas, metal wall panels and frescoes. These poetic and colourful paintings take us on a journey through the world of exotic fish and corals

  • Wild &Co

    Pure contemporary Barcelona art: poetry, strength and originality.

  • Abstract

    The abstracts paintings collection from K. Fabrizzi for Ici et Là: combination of lines and colors

  • Portraits

    “Curiosity” portraits of our wild family. Small humour-filled paintings by K. Fabrizzi

  • Bespoke Art Projects

    K. Fabrizzi offers the possibility to adapt their work to the client´s wishes, or to develop a collection, or a unique piece, for a architectural projects and interiors