I. Bou

Irène Bou was born in 1982 in Caracas (Venezuela) and now lives in Barcelona. The main theme of her work revolves around the relationships, tensions and confluences that are established between the intimate space (understood this in its maximum expression) and the exterior or public one

  • Interior Exterior

    Irène Bou’s colorful and graphic paintings play with interior and exterior spaces: «I am interested in delving, especially, in the way in which what is outside breaks in, shapes and merges with the most personal spaces. Architecture serves me many times as an allegory to do so.”

  • Cuadrícula

    The latest geometric and coloured paintings are constructed on the basis of a grid that merges with foreign elements…” It is the importance of all at the same time or even of none, the fragmented of a whole that does not belong to any hierarchy»